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bluAir pocket is an amazingly small portable device, working up to 48 hours with no power supply! Equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi connection - is a world-unique solution.

Bluetooth Marketing Event - Play
bluAir pocket at Play Event

bluAir pocket is a handheld device running on batteries. It is designed to be carried by hostesses on events to attract more customers by personal encouragements.

It provides similar functionality to bluAir desktop (including handsets recognition, content matching and synchronization over the Internet).

bluAir pockets at Nokia Trends Lab
  • Detection of Bluetooth-enabled handsets in a range of 100m (330 ft)
  • Automatic sending of marketing content
  • Handset’s vendor & model recognition and matching appropriate content set
  • Embedded database of 1200+ mobile handsets
  • Defining number of attempts to send content
  • Concurrent Bluetooth connections: 21 (need more? consider bluAir desktop)
  • Data synchronization, content exchange, activity monitoring and sending current statistics with an online application bluBase, using an existing WiFi Internet connection

Technical parameters

  • Weight: 300g
  • Operational reliability: very high (no movable mechanical elements)
  • Bluetooth range: 100m (330ft)
  • Working time on battery: up to 12 h in continuous mode
  • Internet interface: WiFi

See also bluAir desktop: most powerful bluetooth marketing device