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Bluetooth helps Dutch Police in Estimating Crowds

1 August 2010

During large events Police all over the world would like to know how many people is actually around. So far only Dutch Police can gain live access to this kind of information thanks to TNO and Bluetrace - our partner company from the Netherlands.

Watch a short Dutch TV (NOS) report, with English subtitles:

if you are interested in Bluetooth-based crowd control solutions, get in touch with us.


Bluetooth Marketing at the Bioenergetic Conference

21 July 2010

The 16th European Bioenergetic Conference 2010 organised by The Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, the Polish Mitochondrial Network and the Bioenergetic Section of the Polish Biochemical Society was held on 17-22 July in the Old Library Building of the Warsaw University, Poland. This was the first time that the Conference was held in Poland and included, among other activities: plenary lectures, workshops and parallel symposia with distinguished guests from around the world.

bluAir was used to provide information about any sudden changes in the programme of the conference.


bluAir in the Usce Mall in Belgrade

7 July 2010

So you're not away for holiday just now and you're taking a stroll through the Usce Shopping Center? Why not enjoy one of the very hottest discounts and promotions available this summer in the shopping heart of Serbia?

The plans ahead envelope an environmental initiative and magazine promotion ? all of them are and will be distributed in a swift and elegant fasion with the usage of the bluAir solution.

We know that the Usce SC now can be of even more informative service to you!


Museum Mobile Guides

21 May 2010

21 artists from all over the world. Special outdoor container construction to amaze and house all of the presented works of art. Three months of point-of-view-broadening, eye-opening exhibition pleasure. The National Museum in Warsaw with its official patron, Plus GSM, one of the largest mobile telephony providers in the Eastern Europe.

One of the most interesting artistic activity in Poland this year. The perpetual complexity and thought provoking energy echo the narrow corridors of the container building thanks to the works of such great artists as, among others, Marie Jo Lafontaine from Belgium, Richard T Walter from United Kindgdom, Jaan Toomik from Estonia, Hye Rim Lee from Korea and New York, Jarosław Kozłowski from Poznań, Miao Xiaochun from China, Fred Wilson or Braco Dimitijevic - they are the guides through the multicultural, perhpas even the multiversal, approach towards the everyday phenomena like the anonymity of the human being, addiction to the economical and cultural globalization, the search for own identity, human identity, sovereignty, exclusiveness which are manifested in the fear of death, loneliness, the need for love, religiousness, the need for acceptance and tolerance, consumerism, indoctrination, standardization and constant surveillance. A true manifestation of the need of enriching oneself by perceiving life through the eyes of people who can be best described as revolving around a different social context.

The substance is supported by excellent technical form of presentation and promotion in the form of an interactive mobile phone application presenting the artists and their works displayed - an interactive guide of a kind. The presentation was efficiently distributed among the participants through Bluetooth using bluAir. The system was incorporated easily into the Mediators structure serving as support to visitors already interested in the Exhibition, but also reaching passers by outside the building and in turn awakening additional awareness.

Ultimately, the Exhibition is an genuine demonstration of modern art at its best.


Skye Bank is using Bluetooth

11 May 2010

Did you know that Skye Bank is supporting Nigerian Oil and Gas industry? Now you do thanks to Contagious128 and bluAir Bluetooth marketing system.

Whether you're walking into a shopping mall in Lagos, or a cinema in abuja or any of the many clubs & bars in Port Harcourt... switch on your bluetooth to know more about the many contributions of Skye Bank. And you can claim a free gift from Skye Bank on the spot with your Skye bluetooth coupon.

Service was provided in Nigeria by Contagious128media.


Android 2.0 supports Bluetooth

27 November 2009

Google announced finally Android supports Bluetooth, including very anticipated file transfer functionality. This is very good news for proximity marketers! New smartphones such as Motorola Milestone (Droid), Motorola XT701, Motorola XT800, HTC Google Nexus One, Samsung I6500 Saturn will support easy Bluetooth communication lacking in Android v1.

More info at Android Developers.


Mobile Advertising: 1,300% growth until 2012

18 November 2009

Mobile advertising in all regions is continuing to grow through the economic downturn, driven by interest from advertisers in this new opportunity and by the increased use of smartphones and the wireless Internet. Total spending on mobile advertising in 2008 was $530.2 million, which Gartner expects to will grow to $7.5 billion in 2012.

The mobile channel will be used as part of larger advertising campaigns in various media, including TV, radio, print and outdoors.

Source of the information: Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications for 2012


Bluetooth Experience Meeting 2009 in Vienna

9 September 2009

Bluetooth Experience Meeting 2009 in Vienna

On behalf of Mr August Gramann, CEO of MGM Consulting GmbH, Austria, we encourage you to participate in Bluetooth Experience Meeting in Vienna, Austria (9th September 2009)

For registration details, please follow this link:


Instant Messenger Promotion

4 August 2009

Instant Messenger Promotion

Most known Eastern European instant messenger Gadu-Gadu has promoted its mobile Java application by sending it via Bluetooth marketing hotspots located at busiest bus stops in Warsaw, Poland.

The campaign attracted local press, and after just one day became very popular in town. Key benefit for customers was they could download the application for free, simply by pressing "Yes", and connect with friends from their network.

10 bluAir desktop pro units have been used for 3 days.


Bluetooth Marketing at Health Fair, Portugal

7 May 2009

Bluetooth Marketing at Health Fair, Portugal

Health Fair - Exponor. Awesome Software, distributor of bluAir products in Portugal, has presented Bluetooth Marketing transmission solutions at Exponor Health Fair, where various solutions, products and health equipment that can contribute to a better quality of life, has been demonstrated.

Visitors were attracted with mobile Java brochure (download from here) broadcasted by bluAir, a bluetooth marketing platform.


Claro Brazil and Bluetooth Marketing

2 May 2009

A successful Bluetooth marketing campaing is an ecuasion enveloping an array of variables that need to be taken into consideration. SupportComm has definately made the right choices during both planinng and excecution of the Claro provider regional advertising campaign.

Very attractive and informative content together with a network of bluAir Bluetooth marketing devices producing very good coverage and easily accessible information on availability of downloadable materials provided results we can easily call impressive.


National Geographic Movies via Bluetooth

24 April 2009

National Geographic Movies via Bluetooth

Nat Geo Music, a new tv channel presenting music of different cultures of the world and another program in National Geographic's offer, has been launched in April. bluAir units have been used to promote the launch of the new channel.

For three weeks in Cinema City Theatres 25 bluAir hotspots have sent out movie files encouraging to get to know the new channel. The movie file included samples of traditional sounds from all the continents. No wonder that this particular content was very popular - the overall download rate has reached almost 40,000! And as National Geographic is well known for its involvement in preserving the natural environment only ecological means of advertising were used - no paper wasted on leaflets (which usually end up in the bin, anyway). The campaign managed to reach a very big number of potential clients - all due to very attractive content and the bluAir technology.


Nike Ignite and Bluetooth-based Feedback from Customers

31 March 2009

Nike Ignite and Bluetooth-based Feedback from Customers

Nike Ingnite is one of the most interesting Bluetooth campaigns out there. It took place in Malaysia in a number of the biggest Nike stores. The reason this campaign can be treated as unique is the fact that it used a full two-way Bluetooth communication with the client.

The information exchange enveloped a number of phases. First, the units were sending a branded Java application (developed by the bluAir team), with a menu of available files. There was plenty to choose from, as we offered: wallpapers, screensavers and movies presenting the skills of some of the most well known football players sponsored by Nike. The client did not receive everything at once - he was given the possibility to choose which content is the most interesting for him, or her. In spite of dividing the acquisition of content into phases the whole process was a big success and it took only a few seconds to receive the desired file to ones mobile phone.

bluAir desktop pro units with the bluResponse functionality units were used in this campaign - the latter allowed the reception of the answers submitted by the clients - this gives us the possibility to create even more advanced Bluetooth marketing events.


ExpoSalao, Portugal

26 March 2009

The ExpoSalao Expo Center in Portugal is a very active events infrastructure with thousands of visitors present at the location every month. For those interested in learning more on the go about the possibilities stemming from getting involved in the numerous events within the ExpoSalao center Awesome Software has prepared a special treat: an interactive mobile application broadcasted straight to mobile phones of potential and existing visitors via the bluAir Bluetooth marketing system.

The contents of the application are very impressive and might prove to be a priceless asset for those wanting to keep up with the most recent Expo news: a calendar encompasing all present and upcoming events; comprehensive lists of the participating exhibitors; detailed plans of the premises including location of particular participants; precise contact information; ticket costs, opening hours, accomodation and boarding options; and last but not least: a full map of the area with a well-defined ExpoSalao Expo Center coordinates for easy access. A true 'info center' in the palm of your hand.

The results: outstanding, with yet another success for the Awesome Software.


Bluetooth Marketing Campaign at the Hockey Game

11 March 2009

Bluetooth Marketing Campaign at the Hockey Game

Vienna Capitals Ice hockey Team ordered the MGM blueGATE system as a new opportunity for their sponsors. Three different contents were sent including a contest sponsored by Kelly’s. Visitors were introduced by the speaker/promotor of the event and stickers in the entrance area. This testrun was quite difficult because of the loudness and the action of the game that kept visitors busy with the game and not with their mobiles. But during the brakes we had good results and very good feedback from the visitors.

Detected handsets: 1270
Reached handsets: 411


MGM blueGATE delivers content at the Discoteque

3 March 2009

MGM blueGATE delivers content at the Discoteque

Praterdome – biggest Discotheque in Austria/Vienna – started the promotion of the new “opener” sound file as a ringtone in combination with a wallpaper sent by MGM blueGATE. Approx. 3,500 visitors were introduced to switch on their Bluetooth by DJs, Video screnns and visual promotion. With just two bluAir units in action we had about 1,750 discovered handsets and about 800 delivered contents. The heads of Praterdome were very impressed and signed a one year contract with MGM blueGATE systems, distributor of bluAir products in Austria.

Detected handsets: 1750
Reached handsets: 800


Need for Speed Mobile Demo in Orange Stores

5 January 2009

Need for Speed Mobile Demo in Orange Stores

bluAir is broadcasting Need for Speed Undercover demo games in Orange Stores across Warsaw, Poland. The business model behind this is to allow Orange to generate additional profits on selling games via SMS.

The advantage of use of bluetooth marketing here is that it is extremely easy for people to download demo game (in contrary to e.g. sending special SMSes, which requires some effort and is never free) – they just have to turn on their bluetooth. And once you play a bit, you may be eager to buy a full version.


Swift: Music Promotion via Bluetooth

30 November 2008

Swift: Music Promotion via Bluetooth

A campaign that has stated beyond any doubt that Bluetooth marketing can be successfully put to use in the world of art. A young German artist decided to pick bluAir from a number of European bluetooth solution providers to promote his new album during an event in Berlin. Swift, in reality: Rene Meusel, is a rising pop music star. So far he has participated in a large number of projects, but now, going solo, he should be able to reach stardom with ease.

Swift wanted to work with something modern, with the solution of the future and so he chose the bluAir solution. During an all night show two desktop units were sending out a Java application that provided more info on the artist. Proper optimalization offered a small size of the application at the same time leaving the content intact. Apart from a picture gallery the users had a chance to access to two demo songs and an animation. Another treat that could not have been left behind was the contact to the artist, additional info about him and some facts focusing on the new album. The application was offered in a number of languages.

The two hotspots managed to cover the entire club. Each offering 56 concurrent Bluetooth connections, which guaranteed a very fast ditribution rate to all the clients inside the club (over a thousand people). Swift himself was very pleased with the results of this action, as his fans received a very interesting application, which they can now access at any given time.


Javatech ranked 2nd in Central Europe

15 September 2008

Javatech ranked 2nd in Central Europe

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we've been developing really fast from the very beginning, reaching 3-digit revenue growth in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Javatech, the vendor of bluAir solutions, has been ranked 2nd among fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe in 2008 Deloitte FAST 50 Rising Stars ranking. Javatech was the only vendor of mobile solutions in the TOP-10.


bluAir @ Expo 2008 in Saragossa

23 June 2008

bluAir @ Expo 2008 in Saragossa

Among many attractions at the Expo 2008 in Saragossa (Spain), Polish Exhibition provided special bluetooth marketing communication operated by bluAir platform.

bluAir desktop servers were integrated with 63" touch panel. Visitors could select the content they are interested in, by touching content thumbnails displayed on the big screen. Among content files, visitors could download Polish music, Java brochures highlighting tourist attractions, information about culture, industry and other areas of life in Poland.

Polish Exhibition appeared to be a great success, and has been ranked 3rd by the visitors. bluAir team received special thanks from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

During one month of exhibition 1,100 visitors downloaded content to their mobile phones.


Nokia Trends Lab

6 September 2007

Nokia Trends Lab

An experimental event Nokia Trends Lab took place at the Warsaw former manufacture of Koneser vodka. Guests not only could listen to stunning music, but also download Nokia Trends Lab wallpapers and ring tones (music by the event’s artists). All this was possible thanks to our bluAir transmitters: three stationary and five pocket devices carried by hostesses worn in white laboratory suits.

Almost one thousand people downloaded Nokia Trends Lab wallpapers and ring tones. bluAir transmitters established connections with 5924 mobile phones.

International stars performed: Booka Shade, Max Sedgley and the Shoots and Soulwax Nite Versions, along with Polish artists: Plastic, Smolik, Electricity and Beats Friendly with Novika. The audience admired also the works of six thematic laboratories, which had been working since the end of July.