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bluResponse: 2-way Bluetooth Communication

bluAir Desktop Pro hotspots apart from content delivery, provide additionally bluResponse - special functionality for gathering feedback from mobile phones users. Thanks to bluResponse you can run:

The steps of the communication are the following:

  1. A person sees call to action sign, saying Turn Bluetooth on!
  2. She turns Bluetooth on, and gets a request: Do you want to connect with XYZ?
  3. Presses YES, and downloads Java app
  4. Installs and runs the app
  5. Fills out the form/survey/poll, or chooses content to download via Bluetooth (or web, is she's out of the range already)
  6. bluBase server collects her response. If additional action is required bluAir can try to communicate with the person next time she's in range

The input from customers may be integrated with your systems/databases (via XML API).

Java-based Poll Application (Template)

Java Application: Poll/Survey

Java-based Bluetooth-based Content Selection (Template)

Java Application: Content Selection, Nike

Java-based Quick Form Application (Template)

Java Application: Contact Form

This feature of 2-way communication is available in bluAir desktop pro. Read more about bluAir hotspots or bluBase web-management software.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch and let's work together!