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How Bluetooth Marketing works

Proximity hotspots are constantly sending marketing content via Bluetooth to mobile phones of your Customers. The transmission is totally free and requires no technical knowledge from your Customers. The only requirement is Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone of the Customer.

Communication goes through 3 quick steps

Phase 1Phase 1, Device detection: bluAir scans for Bluetooth-enabled device located in a range up to 30/100 meters (100/330 feet) depending on the hotspot and mobile phone type - read more about Bluetooth range

Phase 2Phase 2, Permission request: for every device bluAir sends request for permission of sending files (it looks like: Do you want to connect with your-name-here?)

Phase 3Phase 3, Content upload: once user grants permission, bluAir sends files (thanks to multithreaded software architecture and multiple bluetooth radios installed, sending files to one Customer will not stop detection of new Customers walking by the bluAir hotspot)

Content schedule

You may define your own schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) of sending content files!

Content/phone model matching

It is crucial to send content supported by specific models of mobile phones. bluAir recognizes phone models and may send appropriate content.

E.g. different resolutions for images, movies to match target screen resolutions.

Remote control

Thanks to our web-based solution for management of bluetooth campaigns, you are able to control bluAir hotspots remotely. The key functionalities provide:

  • Hotspot monitoring (are all bluetooth hotspots working?)
  • Instant content change (quick changes/corrections to content sent to customers)
  • Instant schedule change
  • Instant access to statistics

bluAir can be monitored via:

  • WiFi (wireless local network): in case it is available (e.g. Shopping Centres)
  • GPRS/EDGE (internet via GSM network): in case WiFi is not available; charges depend on your local telecom operators; to minimise costs bluAir may be scheduled to connect only every few hours, once a day, etc.

bluBase screens


bluAir generates following stats:

  • Number of established connections (by hour, day, week, etc.)
  • Number and size of content sent (by hour, day, week, etc.)
  • Content uploading time (by hour, day, week, etc.; average, shortest, longest)
  • Recognized mobile phone models (by hour, day, week, etc.)
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