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What can I send to my customers?

There are no technical limitations of the content files you can broadcast to mobile phones of your customers. Except some special cases (e.g. Samsung phones cannot accept Java applications), you can send anything the target mobile phone will read. bluAir recognizes 1,200+ mobile phones models giving you a possibility of matching proper content to mobile phones of your customers.

Top 3 Most Attractive Content Types for Customers

Interactive Mobile Content

You can get unlimited benefits by providing your customers with Java-based business applications which they have never seen before.

Mobile Questionnaire

Product Brochures/Catalogs

  • Always in the pocket and ready to use
  • Progressive disclosure: information complexity is conveniently managed by providing multi-level form of navigation with internal and external links, menus, buttons, etc.
  • Powerful functionality (browsing and searching for products)
  • Information is up to date (catalogues may be updated via web, WAP, or re-downloaded via Bluetooth)
  • Easy ordering (providing contact phone numbers, redirecting to web order forms)

Mobile Map


  • Stores locators with contacts, addresses of stores
  • Interactive maps categorized by regions, cities
  • Lists of stores, sales points
  • Automatic redirecting to proper hot-line numbers

Mobile Questionnaires, Order Forms

Mobile Questionnaire

  • You can send your customers free application where user can enter personal or other data and send it back to Bluetooth receiver or directly to the central bluBase server via WAP (if he is out of the range)
  • Collect form submissions, contacts, order requests
  • Organize contests, support loyalty programs, get personal preferences from your customers

Classic Mobile Content

You can send virtually any file to your customers.


  • Discount Coupons
  • Brand Wallpapers
  • Promotional Photos


  • Movie Trailers
  • Product Presentations
  • TV Commercials
  • Flash Lite presentations (limited support of mobile phones, not recommended before 2010)

Ringtones & Music

  • Marketing Jingles
  • Free or Copyrighted Music
  • Voice Messages


  • Address Book Entries
  • Calendar Entries
  • Documents