Why Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Works: The Benefits

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Why Bluetooth Marketing?

It's simple. At least 75% of your customers may be reached via Bluetooth.

Ok, where's the catch?

There's no catch. Bluetooth Hotspots send content which has to be accepted by the customer. All stats are sent to the central server. Thus you know exactly how many people intentionally downloaded your content. This makes a huge difference comparing to other forms of marketing. Why?

Let's face it. Printed ads, flyers, or SMS campaigns give you poor indications about how many people actually read about benefits of your new product, or a service. You may spend thousands, but you will be always asking the question: does it really work?

The problem of unmeasurability doesn't exist in Bluetooth campaigns. And what's even more exciting, the content you push to your customers can be much more interesting than just a message. Apps, presentations, music, movies, all this is a great added value for people. By sending them free interactive content you have a chance of building nice relationships between them and the brand you're working for.

Let’s summarize benefits:

Measurability You receive very good indication of how many customers received your message.
This itself makes it extremely powerful marketing tool.
Uniqueness it's different from other forms of marketing. It's unusual, exciting.
Permission-based Customers decide if they need your content (and this gives you great chance to optimize your campaigns).
No costs per customer: 1-time payment for the device, small yearly payment for web platform.

Why bluAir?

Because it has everything you need to reach high profits from your Bluetooth campaigns. There's no other solution offering all of these.

Apart from many low-end Bluetooth transmitters, bluAir was designed not as a box for sending files via Bluetooth, but rather as a platform for running profitable marketing campaigns. And this makes a difference. bluAir with its internet software bluBase are the tools which help you not only deliver content, but manage complexity of information you get in return from your customers.

bluAir gives you a simple way to optimize your campaigns, and find the one with the highest effectiveness.

What's exactly inside?

bluAir desktop is a high performance, small-sized Bluetooth marketing hotspot (some call it a server) which has to be placed in proximity to your customers, and bluBase is a web-based reporting solution running 24/7, where you have all your statistics and reports. If you run campaigns for your customers, create accounts for them and decide whether they can manage content, or only see results.

Bluetooth Campaigns Management. bluBase: Web-Based Solution, no installation required. Saves your time by giving you all the information in one place.

  • 24/7 Statistics
  • PDF and Excel Reports
  • Detailed Campaign Scheduling
  • Synchronized (Network) Mode
  • Clustered Mode
  • Users/Accounts Management
  • Image Wizard
  • Upload Content
  • Lottery Wizard
  • Coupon Wizard
  • RSS-based Content Generator
  • Browsable Handsets Database
  • Remote Configuration
  • Blacklisting
  • Watchdog (E-mail notifications)
  • Firmware Updates Management
  • Detailed Connections Log
  • Off-line Synchronization
bluBase screen 04
Lightning Fast Bluetooth Connections It is the required time for detection of a bluetooth-enabled device that is the most important factor of whether the campaign succeds or not.

If you don’t provide Bluetooth connections really fast to your customers, they may loose their interest. Thanks to low-level Bluetooth communication, bluAir offers world #1 Bluetooth performance. bluAir finds bluetooth-enabled devices within seconds.
Bluetooth Connections The number of concurrent connections is especially important in high-traffic locations.

bluAir devices offer up to 56 concurrent connections. You can be sure that everyone gets your message. And you can group bluAir devices into clusters to provide even more concurrent connections (see Clustered Mode below).
Internet Connectivity
  • Ethernet Cable
  • WiFi
Synchronized Mode You can use multiple bluAir units in the same location (e.g. shopping mall) to work for the same campaign without resending files to same mobile phones.
Clustered Mode You can group bandwidth of bluAir hotspots to achieve great performance even on extremely crowded places like stadiums or concerts.
Small size 22×14x3.8 cm (8.7×5.5×1.5 in)
Reliability Very high. No movable parts: no hard drive, no cooler, no fan.
Markets Presence
(44 countries)
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greece, Guadalupe, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America
Known brands
which used bluAir
Cinema City, Citi Bank, Knorr, National Geographic, Nike, Nokia, Porsche, Red Bull, Renault, Sony Ericsson, Storck, Vision Express, Walt Disney (...)
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